"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

baby shower @ aunt cindy's

grandma pj and cousin lindsey's new baby, nikki

grandma mimi and baby nikki. she is getting some practice!

grandma pj, me and baby taylor, and grandma mimi

rachel feasting on the yummy food. we had chicken wraps, fresh fruit, cheese plate, veggies, chips, and my favorite.. baby themed chocolate and vanilla petifors

my cousin monica with her new baby camdyn, and aunt kim

kate, erica, me, rachel, and jenny. they are great pals!

i had to practice holding nikki too

great grandma nan, aunt cindy, and my cousin casie

patty, me, and aunt cindy

beau on a pillow! my mom made these adorable pillows for the baby's crib

me on a pillow! i've never been on a pillow before

recording book that grandma jane loaned to me. we're keeping a record of all of the wonderful gifts and who bought them for the baby.

great grandma rilda!

jenny, rachel, kate, tarah, me, and bethany

macclaren stroller from aunt cindy and great grandma nan

monica made me the CUTEST diaper cake out of newborn pooh bear diapers

casie, great grandma nan, and aunt kathie

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

baby shower @ grandma tay tay's

great grandma rilda

beau kissing baby taylor

grandma tay tay and great grandma rilda

petuka helped me open the baby's presents

hanging out with grandma pj

my aunt janet got to stop by the shower!

auntie meg sent the cutest onesies and burp cloths. wish she could have been there!

grandma tay tay passed out awesome bottle shaped party favors

great grandma rilda, me, and grandma mimi

emily did an awesome job hosting the shower! thanks so much emily, ellen, and jane for having such a special shower for me and baby taylor!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

some fun new gifts!!

grandma jane and grandpa steve got baby the chicco playard.. we LOVE it

beau assembled the swing that grandma gina got for baby. he did an awesome job and the baby can enjoy hours of great swinging time!!

blocks i love from ecobaby. those elephants are the cutest!

aunt meg sent the cutest onesies and little beanie. baby taylor will be so hip. emily bought the cute little house slippers from kathleen's kids.

aunt meg also sent these burp cloths. i'm not sure i ever want any spit up on these, they are too cute.

baby taylor's first rubber ducky

we got a carseat! thanks to my nan and papa, janet, jan, nick, sean, and aaron. it looks so small. hope baby fits. beau is going to install it in my honda with the help of the tulsa police. we hear it's pretty tricky.

grandma jane's friend, kerri, got these dishes for the baby. she said they reminded her of beau.

grandpa steve picked out this special birthday book for baby taylor

ooooh girl..

me from behind, at 35 weeks

grandma jane says i still look hot from behind! i gotta say, i do have a little more junk in the trunk, and the thighs. oh well, it's for a great cause!

and oh, look at that, there's the bump..