"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

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dillan's 1st birthday shindig!!

on the sunny afternoon of november 22, 2009, friends and family gathered at the taylor's house to celebrate dillan grace's first birthday. we had so many wonderful people who love dillan come and celebrate!

grandma tay tay had these great dillan cookies made! they were adorable!!

yo gabba gabba! dillan's favorite show was the theme of her party.

dillan and great-grandma hart. dillan is enjoying a baby mum-mum.

my papa and baby dillan

dillan and grandma and grandpa j

me, dillan, marv, and beau. dillan is trying to take mommy's hat!

grandma and grandpa j enjoying the party

grandma tay and dillan. "what's dat?"

nana and dillan. "what's dat?"

grandma nan and dillan. "what's dat?" hahahahahaa

my nan and papa

amanda foreman and dillan posing with foofa- she's pink and happy!

cousins monica and camdyn posing by foofa with dillan and me

kate, me, dillan, allison, and foofa!

grandma and grandpa j posing with dillan and foofa.

dillan and grandfather wizard, enjoying another baby mum mum.

petuka also helped us celebrate!

colin and amanda checking out the food.

dillan enjoying a dillan cookie!

it's smash the cupcake time!!

grandma j and dillan playing with her new glow worm! i loved my glow worm when i was little.