"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dillan turned 8 months this weekend!

dill pickle is getting to be so grown up. as of saturday, july 25th, she is 8 months old! she eats regular meals each day, well, organic baby food meals. she loves squash, bananas, and apple sauce. i know she's ready to move on though, because keeps eyeing OUR food. she loves sucking on the end of pickle spears, and we have let her try ice cream, and a few sauces here and there. she will turn one year old thanksgiving week, and will be able to eat thanksgiving dinner with us!! i can't wait..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

doctor NOT so feel good

dillan had to get 3 shots at the doctor :( but, she was a big girl and only cried for 10 seconds. what a trooper!

water baby

take me out to the ballgame!

i took dillan to her first baseball game last night. she was already "in the swing of things" (haha) and knew what was going on, thanks to the many games she has watched on tv with abuelo. unfortunately jose batista couldn't be there last night, but she liked the driller's 3rd baseman almost as much! the weather could not have been more perfect, and we were in good company. katie, kelli, dillan and i had a fabulous evening!

Monday, July 20, 2009

mommy's home!

dillan was all smiles after we reunited. i MISSED her sooo much. no more vacations for mommy this year!

house hunting!

we are searching high and low for a new house to live in. the hunt is still on..

pickle and her pal

dillan and griffin are slowly but surely bonding. future bf???

Saturday, July 18, 2009

dillan dines @ brownie's

upon my arrival from chicago, dillan, beau, logan, and myself booked it to brownie's hamburgers. i was starvin marvin. dillan stared this nice man down while we waited in line for a table. finally the man stuck his tongue out at her and she began giggling hysterically. they bonded.
i just love the old fashioned high chairs they have had since the 60s. how fun! dillan especially likes the metal tray, she is gonna be a drummer someday!! she will be even better than meg white!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

looking oh so cute!

dillan and the tv

dillan loves to change the channels. her new favorite station is channel 928. it's baby tunes all day, everyday!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

dillan's first 4th of july!!

dillan celebrated her 1st independence day. go USA!!
we went to pf changs for some ahi tuna, lettuce wraps, and veggie dumplings. then we got all packed up in the stroller and walked across the street to woodward park. we could see the fireworks perfectly. we were wondering whether she would like them or if they would scare her?? to our delight, she oooooo-ed and aaawww-ed the beautiful display that the riverparks puts on annually. then.. we forgot the OFF bugspray, so we debated walking down to medex so we didn't get eaten alive. by the time we decided against it, we noticed the fireworks had stopped and everyone was packing up to leave. so we thought we had seen the show.

we went home and lit some sparklers.

it turns out the bridge caught on fire and they had to cut the show early. ignorance is bliss, i suppose. we never knew otherwise until the news on sunday night.
we had a great family 4th of july! someone was TIRED!!

happiest 1st birthday jackie!

jackie, BIRTHDAY GIRLIE, with her mama, kathleen

dillan and i arrived around 5 pm, we ate bratwursts, salad, and hamburgers. and sipped on mint julips. thanks canon manning!! the bratwursts were out of this world.