"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

ready to meet baby!!

39 weeks and i am so ready to meet baby taylor!! what day is its birthday gonna be???

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i think i'm going crazy

i am on my 39th week of being pregnant, and i think i've never been more ready for anything in my life. i constantly think about not being pregnant anymore, and actually holding my baby. i am so curious to find out if baby taylor is a boy or a girl, and what it looks like, and what it's name is. i hope it's healthy. 9 more days until my due date...

beau was just making sure the breast pump worked well. ha ha ha ha haahhaaahh ahahha! this is hilariously funny.

Friday, November 14, 2008

google this!

widespread panic little wrangler onesie

i got a text tonight from rachel that said this:

10:29 pm 11.14.08
jenny and i just googled widespread panic little wrangler onesie and your blog was the second hit on the page! we're looking at your blog... on a friday night. love you

jenny was looking for a space wrangler (awesome song) onesie. pretty cool huh!?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

nursery news

grandma mimi came over sunday to help me get the nursery ready. we worked on it all day with a quick run to sonic. we had so much fun!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

baby shower @ katie's

november 2, 2008. shower for baby taylor thrown at katie's house by katie keating and amanda wright. it was so so sweet of them to host it.

katie with steph's baby solvei

allison with baby solvei, amanda with baby savanah, and me

tarah, katie, and steph

rachel, me, allison

me, leah, and jenny

kathleen with baby jackie, and tarah

jenny, me, clairebear, and amelia

the stonehorse girls got baby taylor an awesome new black book shelf for the nursery and like 30 baby books for some quality reading time

baby solvei and baby jackie were bonding

amelia, allison, jenny, and leah

cutest organic diaper cake ever! bethann and steph made it for baby taylor. so cool!

so cute!! rock and roll. baby also got a little hoodie with a peace sign.

alli counting the votes for whether baby taylor is a boy or a girl. the outcome.. 7 to 7

ashley and katie

beautiful furniture!

grandma and grandpa hart have been hard at work restoring the dresser that we got from great grandma joan. they added new knobs and handles, refinished it, and painted it to match the crib. i think it looks fabulous and will really make the nursery! thank you for your hard work.. we love you!

35 week ultrasound

grandma and grandpa taylor awaited the ultrasound

october 27, 2008. our third and final ultrasound of baby taylor. beau and i, grandma and grandpa taylor, and grandma and grandpa hart were all there. sadly, we have no pictures because there wasn't much to see. the baby is facing posterior, head down and in a ball, getting ready for birth. we could see its spine, and the top of its head. the ultrasound tech measured the baby, and said it weighs 5 lbs and 15 oz., give or take a pound. i think it will be in the 7 lb range. we'll see!

what's going on in the world?

baby taylor is coming into the world at an exciting political time. after 8 years of george w. bush as president, we finally get change.

the third and final presidential debate was october 15, 2008. obama did awesome! who will win?

november 4, 2008.. beau and i went with eachother to vote at our respective polls. we watched all of the results live that evening. it was a day that will go down in history. barack obama becomes the 1st african american president of the united states of america. he won by a landslide! john mccain who??

Saturday, November 1, 2008

beau's genius idea

grandma tay tay gave the baby it's first piggy bank. it's not only a cute little bear, it's full of money! beau suggested we start a piggy bank tradition. we will give the baby a new piggy bank each time we fill one and it can cash them in for a little help with its first car. how cute!


happy halloween! raisins for all!

beau and i dressed up in the clown outfits that grandma jane made a few years ago. we handed out candy to over 400 kids (and even some adults)! we quickly ran out of treats, even the ever popular boxes of raisins, and had to make a run to walgreens to restock. after 4 more bags of candy, we still ran out in 20 minutes.

popular costumes included indiana jones, wonder woman (not wwf wrestler, duh kim), doctors and nurses, cheerleaders, martial artists, and ballerinas. honorable mentions go to phantom of the opera, fake pregnant woman with black eye, and dave chapelle-looking man with his blue tooth and mcdonald's sack for the mysterious "stroller baby". hmmmmm...

we had to turn the porch lights off around 8:30 so the kids would stop ringing the doorbell. jane made awesome pot pie stew, celery sticks with pimento cheese, and fresh fruit. we hung out for awhile discussing high school football, who would babysit for beau and i when megan and tim visit for christmas (i am dying to go out with them a few times), and if we should make the pot pie stew a halloween tradition? baby taylor got a case of the hiccups, and everyone took turns feeling them. i credit the hiccups to the hot sauce i added to my stew. someone told me spicy food encourages labor :) we'll see!

happiest halloween to all.. next year, we will have an 11 month old. yikes!!