"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

Friday, September 25, 2009

dearest baby dillan,

today you turn 10 months old.. this is bittersweet to me. i have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow. you are the joy in mommy and daddy's life, all of your 6 loving grandparents, your aunts and uncles, and all of our friends and family, including co-workers. i talk about you constantly.
when you smiled, i was ecstatic. that was one of the first signs of your super happy little personality. when you started holding your own binky, we jumped up and down! then when you started refusing your binky, we jumped up and down some more. so smart, dillan, now you don't have to be dependent on one. trips to the grocery store were quickly becoming your favorite activity. when you got your first tooth, your daddy dropped by my work with you to visit me, and we noticed you had a little tiny white thing poking through your bottom gum. i don't think i could have been more excited! i told everyone, from your grandparents to the lady at the checkout counter at quiktrip.
you love to ride on daddy's shoulder and grab pieces of his hair like they are reigns for a horse. you like to laugh hysterically when i do cheers for you, or walk like an egyptian. you even try to dance along with me. you're crazy about your baby lullabye cds-- especially pink floyd and green day. and when i tuck you in at night, you like to listen to baby bethoveen. i wake you up every morning at 7:30 to change you and give you a "ba-ba" so you can go back to sleep and dream. it always brightens my day to come home at lunch and play with you, and watch 'bones' with daddy. i often hold you and feed you, and occasionally you like to spit your sweet potatoes out, all over me. good times, dill baby, good times. i will always think of you when i wear my silver coin necklace that you so love to chew on. it keeps you happy for hours on end.
these past two weeks have been the most amazing thus far.. you're WALKING. only super babies start walking at 9 months. of course, your daddy claims he walked at 9 months as well. we are having the most fun watching you learn to walk. we set a prop on the floor, usually keys because you LOVE the keys, and you crawl over to them and assume the standing position from there. then.. you're off. you are walking all over the place. it's the cutest thing!! we yell and cheer you on, and you get sooo excited. your face lights up and you'll squeal and laugh and clap. we tell you we are so proud of you every night.

we love you dillan grace taylor and we're so happy you are who you are!

ma-ma and da-da


dillan and i went to the seminole blood drive tailgate last night. brad's baby, christopher, and dillan LOVED eachother. fun times!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

dillan discovers dylan

is that a flashlight!?

uncle "L" gave dillan a keychain flashlight! pretty sure she's obsessed with it..

someone looks like...

jerry lee lewis!!!!!

mad men night!

our pal, claire came over to watch mad men with us! even kaya loved it

Thursday, September 17, 2009

walking on sunshine

my baby took 8 precious steps today on my lunch break. i am beaming!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

jelly beanzies

this is my shirt from when i was a baby!!

dillan's new room