"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

who's eleven months old???!

dillan is 11 months old today! it seems like she has learned so much this month. she has been on the go, which brings all new things into the mix..

grocery store trips are dillan's favorite. she has discovered she loves proscuitto, and claps in happiness. clapping is a new hobby of hers as well.

ok, a really huge thing that dillan, beau, and i have discovered.. she is absolutely wild about yo gabba gabba. she just thinks that show is the bee's knees. it teaches her to dance (oh and does she ever!), how to share, be quiet/or loud, high five, wash your hands, not to bite, how to color, keep your hands to yourself, brush your teeth, and all kinds of cool music. dj lance and those crazy animals (?) sure know what they're doing! her most favorite episode stars tony hawk. we "saved until manually erased" on the dvr box.

with being on the go, comes owies. sniff sniff.
dillan got her first big owies on friday - october 23, 2009
that morning, dillan fell in her crib and smacked her forehead against the railing, resulting in a big bruise right in the middle of her forehead. as if that wasn't enough, later that afternoon, she took a nasty spill and smacked her upper lip on the hardwood floor. poor baby.
i think daddy was a little more freaked out than mommy, i always knew beau was a softy :)

some of dillan's favorites include:

kaya! she constantly says, "hi dog." kaya is still a little iffy about dillan.

her soft book - she likes to hold it up to her cheek.

doing the indian thing w/ your hand and open mouth "wha wha wha wha." grandma tay and abuelo demonstrate..

fun, crunchy, messy snacks. she loves baby mum mums, eating her little cereal puffs out of a bowl (while watching yo gabba gabba) and organic vanilla bisuits.

spending fun days at her wonderful grandparent's houses:

we love you dillan grace! thank you for the best 11 months of our lives -- and yours! giggle, giggle

Thursday, October 22, 2009

baby's first OSU homecoming

we took dillan to stillwater for "walk around" and wow she didn't know what to think! there were sooo many people and all dressed in orange! we met up with grandma pj, dustin, virginia, ashley, brad, and grandma mullins. we strolled around with dillan and looked at all of the fraternity and sorority house decorations. my, how they have improved since my days at college -- 1998 to 2002. i was so impressed. we took dillan into the gamma phi beta (go gamma phi!) to see where i used to live. it was so cool to be back in stillwater with family.

aunt virginia, mommy, aunt ashley

bonding with uncle dustin and grandma pj

grandma pj, aunt virginia, mommy, aunt ashley, great grandma mullins

Thursday, October 15, 2009

aidan mavrikis

isn't he handsome? aidan is nicole and dean mavrikis' 11 week old son. nicole is my childhood friend from ohio, who now lives on long island with her hubby, dean. hmmm, which reminds me, i have several pictures of nicole and i when we were just babies. i will have to post some later. congratulations to the mavrikis family! nicole, you have a gorgeous family.

these feets are made for walking!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the sunday paper!

dillan is so buff! she brings us the sunday paper!!