"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

Monday, December 29, 2008

aunt meg!

dillan finally got to meet her aunt meg! they love eachother!

merry christmas baby!!

we got up early, put on the matching pjs that jane got for us all, and headed to christmas morning at grandma tay tay and abuelo's. we exchanged presents, sipped on coffee, and enjoyed grandma's quiche. dillan slept quietly next to abuelo in her carseat. she was an absolute angel!

abuelo with super cool bruins tshirt

grandma tay tay and petuka with her juicy gloves that tim gave her

aunt meg and dillan's new finger puppets. so cute!

tim root modeling his new cleats aunt meg got for him

beau and aunt meg. awesome headband meg!

sometime just before one p.m., beau, dillan, and i headed to aunt cindy's annual dirty santa, chocolate gravy, and mimosa shin dig.. (pictures to come)

baby's first christmas eve

we all got together at grandma gigi's house for christmas eve. we watched a christmas story (my fav), enjoyed spiced wine and honey-baked ham and mashed potatoes, opened presents, and had a photo shoot with dillan grace.

aunt bo and grandma gigi with dillan. i caught her yawning, how cute

Saturday, December 20, 2008

the saturday before christmas

i'm dillan, and i hold my own binky

headed to reasors with mom and dad

today was eventful! dillan slept in till 11:30. she held her binky by herself for the first time, and ventured out to the grocery store in 23 degree weather with her mommy and daddy. tonight beau and i are going on a date, and grandma tay tay and abuelo will be babysitting. ice cube said it best, "today was a good day."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

going mobile

dillan grace 2.5 weeks hanging at gigi and grandpa wizard's

dillan with "uncle L"

heading over to amanda's house in jenks. this is my first time taking her out anywhere by myself

passed out after amanda's house. we survived, even though i admit i am kinda nervous driving her around. there are a lot of crazy people out there

hanging with bethany

dillan's vintage outfit. this belonged to me when i was her age. she's really happy, she was just hungry

napping and dreaming.. what do newborns dream of? milk? football? touchdowns?

dillan loves kate

abuelo and grandma tay tay babysat for us while we headed to cirque du soleil

Monday, December 8, 2008

it's bath time!!

dunt dunt duuuuuuunt.. dillan's face when i told her it was bath time

her first bath turned out fabulous and she didn't even really cry. i have conquered the fear of giving her the first bath. she looked all pretty when her grandparents came by to see her

grandma jane stopped by to say hi

grandma and grandpa johnson came over to see dillan

Thursday, December 4, 2008

hangin at home.. with a baby!!!


she likes to have her cheeks pinched. it calms her down

abuelo holding his granddaughter

grandma tay tay and abuelo playing with dillan

she stared at grandpa wizard forever!

kaya wants to meet her

grandma mimi got dillan some super cute outfits!