"A Mother's Treasure is Her Daughter"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

there really is a baby in there!

right after my mother's blend oil application

as i cruise into week 30, a few things have hit me. i am huge!! i loaned some jeans to katie today, and i could not believe how small they were. that was me 30 weeks ago?? i just cannot believe that i will continue to get bigger.

also, baby taylor will arrive in the next 6-10 weeks.. wow, i am getting very excited. is it a he or a she? i am so happy and quite proud of myself for waiting to find out the gender. it will be the greatest surprise of my life.

i am now visiting the doctor every 2 weeks. i wonder which of the 7 doctors at women's health group will deliver baby taylor? at my appointment monday, dr. noland told me that i have gained 22 lbs. she said that i am doing great, and that if i keep it under 35 lbs., i will be able to lose most of the weight easily. i have no stretch marks at this point. my daily regimine consists of palmer's cocoa butter in the morning and mother's special blend skin toning oil at night. i hope my consistency works!

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